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CoPro Fans not appearing on boot


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I have an issue with Commander Pro which followed with my case, I can for most of the time control the fans, but after every boot I can't see the fans in Corsair ICue, I have to go into settings and disconnect one of the fans and then set it to auto/4pin/3pin again, usually I put it to auto. Then I wait 10-15 seconds and they all appear under performance.


It is a bit annoying to keep doing this every day to get them to show, anyone know if it is a known bug or something I can do to fix it?


I have 4xLL120 and 2xLL140 fans connected to the CoPro


CoPro Firmware v: 0.08.210

ICue v: 3.4.95

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The "disappearing Performance Tab" was a known issue on iCUE 3.4. Since the entire control interface was missing, it was impossible to make fan adjustments. The usual fix was to quit iCUE and restart. I am not sure if this is the same issue you are describing or not. I have not seen any reports of this on 3.5 and it has not happened to me either in the first week. It was a persistent issue on 3.4.
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