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DFI KT-600AL/VS512MB400 runs at 333


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every thing that I had read led me to believe that this combination would work

I can't seem to get it to run at 400.

the os detects 400, the bios 333

already have the latest bios for this board which otherwise is extreamly stable

also AMD athlon xp 3200

600 watt, athlon xp approved, power supply.

have tried with optimized defaults,333 is as fast as it gets.

I know I've over looked something . suggestions would be appriciated.

rehash of the above ....don't waste the time.

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You probably would like to check DFI website for an update BIOS, if the OS is recognizing it and running it at DDR400 speed, then most likely the problem that you have is a BIOS issue.

Sorry my work week has kept me busy

found that by removing one of the 3 boards allowed the memory to run at the 400 mhz it's suspossed to.

DFI isn't verry clear about the problem but I managed to decipher a good guess between thier site and my install manual for the board.

hopefully DFI will fix this with a new bios later on . looks like they did this deliberately ,probably to correct some timing issue.

not for sure though.

board will run 2@512meg @400mhz or 3@512meg@333

thanks for the reply.

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