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Best way to setup Front Rad setup with H100iV2 on 570x


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Hi Guys,


New to the forum and have ordered the 570x Mirror Black Edition case


I have also purchased a pack of the LL RGB fans (3) which i plan to use in the front of the case and then use the 3 SP RGB fans that came with the case as Rear Exhaust and Top Exhaust.


I plan to mount to the H100i V2 at the front of the case in a Push/Pull Config

However i'm unsure should i use the Fans that came with the H100I as the fans for Pushing or Pulling?


Cheers in advance

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  • Corsair Employees

Keep the LL fans in the front as intake. You want to show those off. Mount your radiator behind the LL fans. Then just slap the H100i V2 fans behind the radiator in the same orientation of your LL Fans. Afterwards you should be good to go.



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Ok awesome thanks for the advice


Just another note. Using the SP RGB fans as rear and Top Exhaust, what module will i need to plug these into in order for the Co lours to come through?


I believe i cant plug the SP RBG and LL fans into the one Hub?


Cheers :)

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