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Bluetooth devices?


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i just got myself a darkcore rgb mouse.


when going in to sleep, the mouse still lighted up??

do i really need to turn the switch off everytime???

isnt there some kind of sleep where it goes dark but is still responsible to wake up the system from sleep????


also when connecting to bluethooth only,(without wireless dongel) the mouse wont show up in icue?


i also have void rgb headset, i was wondering if it has a normal bluetooth connection too so it works with out the wireless dongle???



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There is a bug that turns lights on when the system is asleep as it is no longer connected to iCue, so it goes to a default mode, unless it has something saved to it, if possible. I don't know much about the Dark Core, but do know a fair bit about iCUE. Though there might be some way to disable the lights.


I was surprised to see that they use blue tooth for this mouse. Most mice use some proprietary RF signal. Does the mouse work at all when you are using bluetooth w/o dongle?

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yes with bluethooth it works fine... the mouose only has the onboard prfiles if runnign through bluethooth i noticed...


the mouse i pretty good i think... just the wheel button is kind of loose and too hard to press :D


i figuered out the mouse it shuts out u can set a timmer for sleep...



but i didnt managed to get the headest in a sleep mode it always turns off...

kind of sucks that icue always shows the yellow exclamation mark in the trey next to the clock as soon the icue headset is shut off... i hardly dont use it so it is always showing the exclamation mark -.-

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