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Obsidian 500D SE RGB w/ H150i RGB


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Ok, I am a little confused on the set-up for this and could use some help please.


I have two LL140s pushing out on the top. I have one, LL120 pushing out on the back.


On the front I have three, LL120s pulling air into the case.


I have my H150i cooler and I want to front mount this. I'm totally confused here on how some of you guys do this...


Do I leave the three, LL120s on the front, attach the radiator and then add the 3 stock ML120s to the backside of the radiator also pulling in for a total of 6 fans on the front of the case?


If that is correct, then don't I have a problem using LL120s with ML120s? I see alot of guys are full RGB w/ the 150i installed so do I need to replace the ML120s with LL120s and is that ok? I've been on YouTube and google searches and I am just not sure where to go to figure this one out.



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Ok maybe I have figured this out...


It is ok to dump these MP120s that came with the H150i RGB and replace them with LL120s correct?


So I would be running a total of 7, LL120s and 2, LL140s.


I also purchased the LED strips to add to this at the end.


I ordered some more fans just now so this is what I have... Is this correct?


9 fans, 1 commander pro, 1 lightning node, 4 RGB strips, 2 RGB Fan Hubs. One that came with the case and one hub that came with the 3 pack of fans I just ordered.


This sound correct?

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I am in a similar situation and wanted to inquire about the best way to get everything connected. I just got the 500D SE, i have a 150i Pro on the way from Corsair,which is replacing my old H110i gtx, which i had mounted in the top. Then it occurred to me, I'm going to have a total of 9 fans! I bought and installed a rear LL120 and im thinking about buying a 2pack of LL140's for the top, just so everything matches.. But now im wondering what else I'll need to connect all these fans and get them synced in iCue...

I'll be leaving the ML fans on the 150i for now, so Ill only have to worry about 6 fans being RGB, which the included Lighting node can handle. But what about the 9 fans total? You can only connect 6 to the CoPro... I didn't know if it was safe to use fan splitters, or if i need another accessory to be able to connect all 9 fans. I don't wanna take any unnecessary risks and end up frying my CoPro.


What do you recommend I do to get all 9 fans connected once I have them all?


I have looked over Zotty's extremely helpful descriptions and diagrams. If im understanding this correctly, do the 150i fans not connect to the CoPro's fan hubs like the rest of the case fans ? Because if so, then I guess the 9 fan setup will work?

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