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WoW, Gkeys, Cue software and the K95 RGB (ver1)


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I recently purchased the K95 RGB (version 1) from amazon to replace my weathered Logitech G19. I mainly play MMOs, and I love my extra g keys for all the spells I acquire. I love this keyboard, I really do! But im having an issue that is fixed (more or less) but not in the way I want.


Initially I installed the latest version of CUE. It worked great and was easy to use, but WoW wouldnt recognize key presses from the Gkeys (Which are set to Alt + 1 ++ for spells). I tried making it a simple keystroke, remapping keys and macros but the game just wouldnt register the key press.


After searching the interwebs for a few hours now and trying a number of things to get it working, ive managed to get the game working with Cue 1.16. But this interface is so clunky. Im hoping someone can help me with this.


In my searches I came to the conclusion that the profile needs to be hardware based. I dont have an option in the latest CUE software to make a hardware profile, or read a hardware profile from my keyboard. 1.16 allows me to do this.


Am I just stuck using this version of the software, or am I missing something altogether?

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the latest icue shoudl work, but there are issues with keystroke remap for some reason. Using the Macro should work fine, you can just hit the plus when you make a new macro and select the event like Keyboard event Alt Down keyboard event 1 key keyboard event alt key up, or you can record, but that could add delays etc. Wow may want to see delays by the way, so i would keep that in mind
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