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K95 Cherry MX Red replacement keys


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After 4 or so years of use one of my keys is going (the W key). I have tried cleaning it but I am fairly certain there are issues inside the switch. At times it will simply stop working. It could be a solder joint or issue with the switch. Either way it will require me to take thinks apart.


Since Corsair does not offer out of warranty repairs I figure I might try to change the switch myself. I have looked at several guides online and am willing to tinker with it. Worse case is I destroy the keyboard and have to buy a new one. The issue is I like my G-keys and the newer one has a third as many.


So I am trying to find the Cherry MX red switches in the clear casing (for the RGB :biggrin: ). Has anyone done this and if so where do I find these keys? I live in the US. I saw some on ebay but want to order more locally if possible to get it sooner.


Here is one I found. Is this correct? Any other recommendations?




I don't believe these are exclusive to Corsair anymore but I could be wrong.

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