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iCue issues - should i start over?


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I just completed building a new computer and have a handful of Corsair products that I'm struggling with. All software, bios and firmware updates are applied.



AMD 2700k

Asus ROG Crosshair VII

Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro

Corsair H150i Pro

Corsair ML120 kit with controller

Corsair K70 Lux RGB

Corsair M65 Pro RGB

Corsair Void

NZXT Internal USB Hub


When I initially installed Windows 10 and then the latest iCue software, all of the devices were recognized. However, the H150i was not taking any of the adjustments. I set the lighting to Linked Visor mode which all of the devices took except for the cooler.


However, since then, the RAM is no longer controllable and devices will randomly disappear from iCue. I have uninstalled all of the Asus and EVGA Precision software. Also did a reinstall of iCue which at times detects the devices. Being a new install/build, should I resinstall Windows and just go with iCue or is the system recoverable?


Also, an attempted firmware update of the K70 bricked it (currently a ticket to support is entered).

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After a little troubleshooting, I found that if I plug in the H150i directly into a USB port, everything works fine. However, if I trying to use the NZXT hub, both the H150i and RAMd don't respond properly. Here's the thing that's stumping me, the front USB 2.0 connectors are also plugged into the NZXT hub. Wondering if this is some odd ASMedia issue. The hub was $20 shipped and wondering if the Commander Pro would be worth the extra $40 to avoid the issues or if it will struggle with the ASMedia controller as well.


The K70 is still bricked and waiting on Corsair to respond to the support ticket. Seems to be happening to a lot of folks so hopefully they get it resolved quickly.





Do you have RGB Sync enabled in the EVGA Precision software? If so, disable that. That has been known to cause issues.


I removed the EVGA Precision software completely, including RGB Link component and the issues persisted.

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I think the Commander Pro makes sense for your gear and besides this issue, it would give you desktop fan control over all system fans. It would replace the Lighting Node Pro rather than be yet one more thing to stuff in the case. I have successfully run both Corsair and NZXT coolers through the C-Pro USB ports.
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Asmedia ports have always been problematic for us. They're designed for speed but are not always reliable.


Yeah, starting to see that it's an issue in general. This is the first AMD build in a long time so not something that I even thought to research as the Intel controllers have been fine for me.

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