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Scimitar pro rgb side button action issue


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Every time I shut my computer off or restart it, my side button keybindings are forgotten by my mouse. I have to go back into icue and click individually on each action for the buttons to work again. I am using my default profile.

What is the issue, and how do i fix it

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I've been having this issue too with no solution in sight. Everything from wiping memory and only having one profile on the device, forcing firmware updates, clean reinstalling or repairing iCUE software, etc. Every time I reboot my computer, all the actions assigned to the side buttons are forgotten EXCEPT for mouse button actions.


As an example, 5 and 8 are assigned to mouse forward and mouse backwards.

1, 2, and 3, are assigned to keyboard keys 8, 9, 0

4 is keyboard X, 6 is keyboard shift+X,

etc, etc.


When I reboot, it always remembers 5 and 8 or any button I assign to mouse key actions, every other button is forgotten. But, yes as you described, if I open iCUE and simply click on the actions, the device "remembers" what all the buttons do.


I don't know if this lies with iCUE being poorly developed, or the firmware for devices just not engineered correctly... I'm leaning towards a combination of the two, since I have things like my fan controllers and H110i that the lighting profiles can't be permanently set to the device. Every time I reboot my comp all the fans and lights go into default rainbow mode until iCUE loads.

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I found a "solution".


Configure everything how you like it in iCUE for your mouse and keyboard, side buttons, etc. Save profiles to device memory, then uninstall iCUE.


Then you can go to Corsair Link to set up the lighting profiles for your fans and hydro cooler and save the profiles to the LNP and such.


Shame that iCUE is pretty much useless except for initial configuration, and beyond that it just breaks everything.

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