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RMi 850 Watt Buzzing when PC is on


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Hello Dear forum members.


I am new here and I have a question related to my 1 year old Power Supply


Last year i decided to finally swap my 8 year old 1000W corsair HX PSU with a


brand new RM850i Gold certified PSU . So far no problems whatsoever, however, i do have a coil whine buzz since the day I have installed it in my rig. I decided to not pay attention to it as I heard that coil whine is not dangerous but rather annoying.


However, recently I started worrying again that this buzzing may actually cause trouble in the future. Should I still RMA it or buy a new one? Can I leave the cables from the current RM850i and use them with the new RM850i? Really dont feel like messing with my cable management again:(


Thanks guys.

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