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K95 Platinum Keys change color randomly.

Pook and Pie

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I picked up my Corsair k95 from Amazon in October of last year, and I've noticed this problem sometimes since but haven't typically had the time or energy to mess around with it and troubleshoot what's wrong, so now that I have the time, I thought I'd stop by the official forums and ask some questions.


With some select CUE profiles (it's a lot of them, but there's this one Blue Wave and a blue flashing Circuit Board profile that seem to do it more than others), keys will just change to the wrong color on their own after a while. It's typically always the same keys- for example, when using the Blue Wave profile and typing for a while, the period key turns pink/red instead of the blue color it should be, and with the circuit board one, keys on the numpad change to a bright green that's similarly out of place. I don't know if it's because of the ripple effect or what, but pressing the lighting button or lock button on top of the keyboard fixes it, though that's only temporary.


I'm currently running Windows 10 64 bit (with the latest update), and the keyboard says it is using the most up to date firmware of 1.07.123, and the application itself just updated to the most recent version last night. I did a hard reset of the keyboard just this afternoon (unplugging, replugging while holding ESC for 10 seconds) and it didn't seem to help because my keys once again changed colors for seemingly no reason.


I've found similar threads on this board but the ones I found have had no resolution, so I was hoping to see if someone could help me with this problem before my warranty runs out (I don't recall if it's more than a 1 year warranty or what but I figured getting on this sooner than later would be better since I already have been dealing with this problem for months due to being busy).

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Hi there.

I have a brand new K95 RGB Platinum. Today is my first day using it.

I found this thread looking for info about this issue. I'm using a custom lighting profile.

One colour for the corsair logo. Visor effect for top area line (dunno how it's called, sry) and fixed lights for the keys. I noticed that after a few hours, some keys change colour from blue to green. Last one was a few minutes ago. The key "M".

Tried what tue OP said and also pressing the light button fixed it, but dunno if it is normal to have this issue in a new keyboard on day 1.


Any tips?


Sorry my english


EDIT: I'm also on win 10 pro and also have the firmware up to date

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