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hi all.



i have a k70 keyboard.


i used to run it without the icue software. and i hade a static rainbow on it.


For some reason i dont have it anymore so i installed the latest icue software and i tryed to import a staticrainbow profile but on the new software its not detecting the prf fille.


i cant get the version 2 of icue anymore but with that i was able to import it but i lost it again! Anyway if im able to get a profile again is have always the same problem. i import a static rainbow profille but i always have some lighting effect on and i dont want to have that! but i cant find how to put it off! Also for now i try to get a static color and i try to save it to my keyboard but again there its doing nothing! so i need the icue software but its annoying!



can you guys pls help me! i thank you!

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