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Strafe rgb and scimitar pro rgb issues


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Hello, I have had this keyboard and mouse, as well as the fans and liquid cooling for several months without issue. The past few weeks I all of a sudden am having two terrible issues.

Firstly, the keyboard lights will no longer default to off when I start my computer up. In the past I would just shut them off once, then they would stay off no matter what unless I manually turned them on again.

Secondly, and more importantly, the mouse buttons 1-12 on the side of the scimitar. I have to go into icue every single time i turn on my computer and click on each action to get my mouse to remember them again.

It is my default profile. It is set up the exact same way it was for a month or two before I had tthe problems, as far as keybinds are concerned.

I have unistalled the icue, reinstalled it, I have formatted the device. I have tried making the default the only profile. I have done everything I did not have to do before and it still does not work properly. What do i do?

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