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Profiles and Actions Dropped - Where to Find?


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Several profiles and actions disappeared from my ICUE today. I'm not sure if They were random profiles/and actions within ICUE or profiles after a certain date. On my gaming computer, I name all my profiles with a date before making changes, so I can go to a backup. I had several within July that are not showing up, and actions moved to the actions library have disappeared. The last profile name I have is 180709 whereas last night I had several named after that date. (I'm not sure if any were dropped before that, but the profile list and action list in the library is much shorter than it was last night).


My question is if there is anywhere I can look for these profiles and actions, and repoint ICUE to them, or are they lost? Ways to prevent this? Cause of this?



I looked within this forum and found a thread related to this, but from last year. Is this still a problem with ICUE or have they resolved this: Random profiles disappearing?


Possible reasons why they have disappeared since 180709 are the following:


  • I migrated from CUE2 to ICUE relatively recently, (might have been 180709). The migration seemed to have no problems as far as importing actions and profiles. Is ICUE possibly looking in the wrong place for new actions or profiles?
  • Often I put my computer to sleep or let it self log off, but I shut it down last night. Last hard shut down may have been 180709. The actions and profiles save though don't they? - or do I have to do something else to hard save them?
  • I also have problems with ICUE not recognizing my installed peripherals quite often. It will suddenly say, "no device connected" when no changes have been made. I can normally correct this by unplugging and re-plugging in the peripheral (mouse). Last night when I was making a backup to my profile, so copying the profile and re-dating it, ICUE was showing a blue box, instead of a visual representation of the scimitar pro mouse it usually does. The mouse and actions were working, but ICUE seemed like it was bugging out a bit, before I shut down the computer.

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