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I bought a k70 used and was in working condition when i brought it home. When i plug it into my computer it recognizes that the k70 keyboard has been plugged in and shows that the keyboard is plugged in in my devices. the problem is that the keyboard is unresponsive and the leds are not working either. The cue software does not show that the keyboard is plugged in. does anyone have any ideas on trouble shooting this. i have tried deleting the drivers and restarting the computer. i have also tried holding esc when i plug it in and changing the mode on the front of the keyboard. Im running windows 10 if that matters

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It seems that your keyboard may be stuck in Demo Mode. Sometimes this happens because of odd conditions when the computer was launching. You can exit this mode easily by performing a soft-reset:

1: Unplug the keyboard.

2: Press the Esc key

3: While holding the Esc key, plug in the keyboard.

4: Hold the key down for 10 seconds.

5: Release the key.

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