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PC will not boot


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I have 4 sticks of Corsair XMS memory (cmx512-3200c2pt) installed on my MSI K8N Neo2 Platinumn mobo. When I tried to boot the pc, all that happens is the fans turn and a steady beep, beep, beep, etc. I shut the pc down and opened it up. Nothing looked out of the ordinary. I removed 2 sticks of memory from the secondary memory slots, (which I just purchased about 2 weeks ago) and the pc booted with out a problem.


Knowing that it was a memory problem, I narrowed it dow to the exact stick of memory that wouldn't allow my pc to boot. Is it safe to assume that the memory stick is bad and that I should complete an RMA?


Also, I bought this memory as a dual channel set from Newegg, do i return both sticks?

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