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Vengeance RGB Pro - does iCUE have to be running?


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Hey guys,


so, I'm looking into building a new PC and kinda like the idea of having LED lighted RAM. The new Vengance RGB Pro looks awesome and clean to me, so that would be the RAM of my choice. Problem is: I keep reading about serious CPU load issues when using ANY kind of software that addresses the LED lighting of such products. iCUE seems to be having these kinds of problems, too. I don't even like the idea of having some "unneccessary" service running in the background just to illuminate my RAM. I don't plan on using any other LED addressable stuff, too.

So here is my question:

Can iCUE be turned off AFTER applying an effect to the RAM and still have the RAM display that effect? I.e. just not starting iCUE at windows startup. Do the LEDs go into some sort of demo mode when iCUE is not running?

All I want is a pure static white or blue effect, nothing fancy, but without crippling my whole system. My plan is to just set up the lighting and then forget the whole thing.


Sorry if this has been asked before, couldn't find any info to this.

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Nice! Good to know for sure.

Can anyone confirm, who set it up like this?


I have the Vengeance Pro RGB RAM. I hibernated my system (all power was off, even the RGB from the motherboard that runs on the +5V standby), hit the power button a couple of times to make sure that the caps were drained, and restarted it. As soon as the system powered on, it was showing the effect that I had configured in iCue.


I think that confirms it.

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Just one more thing:

Is the feature of storing the profile directly to the RAM exclusive to the new Vengeance RGB PRO or will this work with the "older" Vengeance RGB also?

Also, I've read about serious RAM corruption issues at one of the competitor brands, could this be a problem here, too?

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