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IBM ThinkPad T42 2378-FVU and CMXSD512-2700LL


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So I'm buying an IBM ThinkPad T42 2378-FVU and I want to upgrade the memory from the meager 256 to 1GB. I would like to buy the Corsair XMS low latency 512MB PC-2700 so-dimms (CMXSD512-2700LL ) but the Memory Finder recommendation/compatibility guide here on the corsair site didn't list those as compatible. I'm assuming they actually are but XMS memory isn't in the Memory Finder recommendation lists?


Can anyone verify this for me? It's my first laptop memory upgrade and I don't feel like buying the memory and then returning it if I can help it.


Thanks!! :D:

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In case someone else wants to know this does not work. The memory timings were too fast and caused the RAM to produce corrupt memory reads which resulted in BSOD's in winblows. It was a $40 expirement... that is how much Newegg charged me in restocking fees.


Do not buy this memory for IBM thinkpad T42's.

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