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Can I run 6 ML120 and 3 HD120 and 4 RGB LED strips off one node pro and 1 RGB HUB?


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currently i have installed 6 ML120 and 4 RGB LED strips on 1 HUB and 1 NODE PRO....since I bought the 3 pack of ML I have an extra HUB and NODE PRO....if I buy the 3 pack HD120 fans can I get it to work?

or do I need to buy the commander pro?


also where is there some good 570x fan placement suggestions?



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Check out the RGB FAQ ... that has everything you need.

Since you have an extra hub and extra Node Pro, you'll be set if you get the 3 pack or 3 individuals.


The CoPro does, however, provide USB ports, which you may need. The fan control is pretty awesome too.

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