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How long should I expect to wait for RMA number?


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One stick out of a pair of recently purchased VS512MB400 is testing bad by memtest86. I have moved both sticks to other slots and the bad stick still tests as bad and the good stick tests as good. With only the good stick installed, memtest86 shows no errors and the system runs fine.


I want to return the bad stick for replacement. I posted the problem to this forum and received a prompt reply from the Ram Guy.


I filled out the on-line RMA request and included the post number.


The next day, I had received no RMA reply, so I filled out the Excel form and emailed it to Warranty@corsairmemory.com.


More than 24 hours later, I had received no RMA reply, so I forwarded the form and email to rma@corsairmemory.com.


It has not been an additional 24 more hours yet, but I was expecting to get an RMA number quicker than this.


How long should I expect to have to wait?

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Ram Guy,


I've done as you asked and the CC has come back to me just fine. Let me know if you see any problems that I could try to correct. Is it normal for RMA numbers to take this long? Or, am I just being impatient?


Thanks for your help.

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Please send the email to me ramguy@corsairmemory.com and I will see they get it first thing in the morning! Customer Service answers emails normally before 10AM every day! You might send an email to your self and make sure your mail settings are set properly!

Ram Guy sent a note to customer service and in 59 minutes I received an RMA number. The memory is on its way to Corsair.



Customer service costs money so all companies need feedback to know if they are spending too much or too little. My impression of the process so far:


1) I was put off at first about having to post to the forum just to get an RMA number. Ram Guy answered my post quickly enough, so I'm satisfied with this part. And, after reading more of the posts, I think the post-first policy is very useful. I'm sure it helps many people get their systems working sooner without having to wait through an RMA turn around that won't help because the RAM is good. All in all, a few hours delay seems worth it to check if the problem can be fixed without an RMA.


2) Submitting a web-based RMA form and then wondering if it has been received is completely non-customer-friendly. The automated email response one gets when first registering to the forum arrived within minutes. Corsair could certainly do the same thing when the web RMA request form is submitted using the email address on the form.


3) Having ways to escalate seeking an RMA number when there is no response to the web form is good. That they are apparently necessary and that there is still no feedback is not.


4) Having Ram Guy as an advocate is excellent and has surely saved Corsair from loosing future business. This is my first experience with Corsair customer servce and it is unfortunate that Corsair is not using responsive customer service as a way to distinguish their product. Now I'm not sure if my experience with Corsair has been any better than it would have been with another major manufacturer.


Well, enough rambling on my part. I'm waiting for the replacement to arrive. Others have reported quick turn around so I'm prepared to be surprised.

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