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Possible faulty led's LL 120 fan


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I recently started to have some issues with 1 of the 6 ll 120 fans I bought a couple of months ago. I believe three leds are misbehaving on the ring.


I had it configured as the 5th fan on the controller, which made my 6th fan misbehave as well. This had been going on for a while, but I thought it happened because of the ICUE bug which made ll fans flicker (other fans could also flicker at boot). But now with the ICUE fix released, I'm on v3.5.111, it's obvious there's another problem.


I played around with the positioning of the fans, like suggested in other threads. As suspected, other fans are acting up when placing them in a slot behind the faulty one.


Here's some video footage of the problem.


In this clip, the faulty fan is in position 6. The other fans behave normal



Here the faulty fan is in position 1. There is a gradient effect running, but the 3 leds of the faulty + all the other fans are flickering like crazy.



It's obvious that there is something wrong with the one fan, but what I find surprising is that the leds still work. They still change color, it's just always the wrong one :(:


Is there any way to try to reset the led's on a ll 120 fan, or something alike? I don't think this is a software issue, since the repositioning on the controller made the big difference.


Thanks in advance for your input.

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