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K95 RGB not recognized in BIOS


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My Corsair K95 RGB is not recognized in the BIOS/UEFI. It is properly recognized in Windows or Linux, though. It is also not recognized during the bootup process in UEFI mode (including Grub and rEFInd), preventing me to select the proper UEFI Boot Menu item (this is a multiboot system).


Boot recognition works with the switch in BIOS mode, but none of the other positions work. Leaving the keyboard in BIOS mode is not a long-term fix, as several functionalities of the keyboard are then disabled.


Motherboard is an Asus Z87-WS. That motherboard has USB3 ports that are provided either by the Intel chipset itself, or by an ASMedia extra chipset (ASM107x). I also have an extra 4-ports USB3 PCI-Express extension card using a Fresco Logic chipset (USB ID 1B73:1110). None of them work.


Fastboot mode is disabled. ErP-ready power support is enabled. Cold boot with or without unplugging the power cord before makes no difference.


Keyboard firmware is 2.05.


What should I try? Or is the best option to thrash the keyboard away and put back my 25 years old IBM-M ?


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