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Confused About website specs and propper RAM setup - VENGEANCE 1600 cl10


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i have bought 2 separate sticks of corsair ram to put in my setup, but i cannot understand very well the instructions in the website about the correct timings and latency with AMD CPUs.

i am trying to troubleshoot some problems with my setup, and, to eliminate any problems of it being RAM related, i need to MANUALLY set them in bios.


My system:


2x8 Gb RAM Corsair Vengeance 1600 cl10 CMZ8GX3M1A1600C10

GX650 Cooler master CM edition PSU

Gigabyte 970a UD3P rev. 2 motherboard

FX8370E AMD 8 core.

Corsair H45 water cooler

1Tb Western Digital Blue 7200 HDD

Windows 10 pro OS


My question is:

I have bought them separately, but they have the same specs and Id code, so I should use them in Dual Channel, right?


The links that are making me confused are:



I should set them 1600 or 1333?




Here, the website shows a "tested latency" and "SPD latency" as well as "tested" and "SPD Speed". Which one should I use??

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