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Controlling 12v RGB Devices with iCUE


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So In addition to my 13+ Corsair Devices I have about 9 custom water cooling components that use analog RGB and are controlled via my motherboard. I wrote a tool to to sync my Gigabyte Motherboard's RGB with iCUE based off game, though as I only have one analog RGB channel header, this means all my analog devices will have the same color. This isn't good enough for me.


What I am doing is I am hijacking/hacking the Digital signal from the LNP and built a prototype RGB Digital to Analog Converter (DAC) to convert the digital signal from a digital signal, into 3 PWM signals for Red, Green and Blue channels. The WS2811 IC (chip) does this, though it can't handle that much current. The WS2811 is a bigger version of the chip that is inside the Corsair RGB strips. As some of my devices require more current than the IC can handle I had to use a series of N-Channel Mosfets to allow the use of higher current/voltage lights to obtain it. If I were to wire up 10 of these in series to the LNP it would appear as one LED strip to iCUE, which each of the DACs acting as a LED channel.


It isn't perfect and I still have to do some tweaking and get some people who have more experience with electrical components to validate my design.


My goal is to setup a marquee look with some of the analog devices. In all honesty it is much easier to buy Corsair products, though sometimes they don't make something you want. At least not yet :)




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