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iCUE Software [CorsairService] High CPU


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Got a new VOID PRO RGB Wireless headset.


Since installing the iCUE software the CorsairService keeps nailing my WMI service. Constantly using about 15-20% CPU. Updated to the latest dongle firmware and software, still happening. :mad:


If I stop the service, WMI settles down but then the headset lights go disco mode... :sigh!:


Is this normal?

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Can you confirm you iCUE version? The latest is 3.5.111. I am afraid disco mode is standard when you kill the app/service and relinquish control.


Correct. Using the same latest version


I’m getting this with my RGB STRAFE keyboard, so I uninstalled ICUE and it drops. Latest version and version before. This ICUE software isn’t going down well.


Found a workaround. I stopped and disabled the "Corsair Service" windows services. (services.msc) Load the iCUE software afterwards. This stops disco lights and does not nail my CPU

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I'd just like to add that I too have just discovered that ICUE v3.5.111 had been the root cause of all my games momentarily freezing for about 1-2seconds every 5mins or so.

I have reinstalled Windows 7 and even tried Window 10 to eliminate possibilities.


I had to watch the processes list set to CPU usage to catch it. Once I fully disable iCUE all is well, no game lag. Like the previous poster, my WMI service is being hit hard. I can see both Corsair.Service.exe and WmiPrvSE.exe bouncing about and then they both spike.


What's even more strange is that if I do an iCUE repair installation everything's fine for a day or so but then all of a sudden it starts up again out of the blue.


I really hope Corsair on this and that a fix is swiftly forthcoming.

If I strip out my Corsair Lighting Node Pro (Sell it off) I can go back to the 2nd gen CUE software quite happily.


Update: Went back to CUE v2.24.50. I loose the Node Pro (Going to sell it off) but that's a trade im more than willing to make to have my lighting effects and be able to play at the same time.

I'm sticking with this version until the iCUE BETA ends. Slapped wrists for Corsair for promoting iCUE when it's still in BETA and not making it clear so.

I will be alerting everyone when streaming regarding this temp fix.

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Updating testing results. Naught Corsair! Dissapointed in you guys.
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I've found this to still be an issue with the latest version of iCUE (v3.17.94 - Plus a K95 RGB Platinum). I've found that the process is causing the WMI Service Provider (WMIPrvSE) to absolutely SPAM the registry - it almost like it is constantly scanning for new hardware in a tight loop without any kind of sleep.


I've opened a ticket with Corsair support giving them screenshots, and dumps from Sysinternals Process Monitor and Process Explorer.


* Fingers crossed *


WMIPrvSE Process Monitor Log.zip


WMIPrvSE Process Info.zip



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Chiming in that I am also seeing high CPU usage by WMI, and can confirm that stopping the Corsair Service eliminates this issue. Process Monitor shows hundreds of thousands of registry events in just minutes from WMI while the Corsair Service is running. Surface Book with latest updates here.
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