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Uninstall ST100


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Anyone know how to completely uninstall an ST100 from computer and registry as well? Here's my issue:


After installing iCUE, I can no longer use the USB ports on my ST with my VOID PRO USB...I get no audio period if they are plugged in. If I plug them into another USB port and disable the audio in sound mixer, my headset's work and I can use my K70 keyboard's volume wheel. If I enable the audio, K70 volume wheel will "turn it up/down" on the little bar graph but will not adjust it in sound mixer, and my headphones will not work no matter where they are plugged in.


Corsair CS wants to replace, will not offer instructions on complete removal. I uninstalled via device manager, unplugged the ST, rebooted, and in device manager under USB devices it's data is still there. I think it's in the registry somewhere. Did a "find" for "ST100" and deleted it in 2 places (all files, think there was 15 between the 2), restart, ST100 still there in device manager.


Corsair CS wants me to plug in and "force an update"


Any advice will be appreciated

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As far as I can tell, the ST100 sets up 5 devices in Device Manager. Unfortunately, most are listed as "USB Input Device" or something equally non-descriptive.

Again, as far as I can tell, the following Device Instance Paths are all associated with the ST100:








If you can find and delete those, you should be good. I'd start with finding them in Device manager or using USBDeView from nirsoft.

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