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K95 RBG Platinum keeps freezing and disconnecting


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Hey, this is my first post and i registered to tell you my issue im having with my K95 RBG Platinum.


I finally decided to switch brands and buy a Corair Keyboard. The first time i plugged it into my USB Port, it got recognized and everything worked fine...for like 2 minutes.


After that, the lights froze and i wasnt able to press any buttons anymore. The first moment it got recognized by CUE and after that even CUE told me that the keyboard got disconnected.


I searched the forums and was told about a powered USB Hub which the K95 might need due to needing a lot of energy. So i went to the store and bought one. Everything seemed to work fine. This time it took about 5-10 minutes until it disconnected again. Before it disconnected, Windows showed me a stable connection. Afterwards i got told that the connected USb Device (Keyboard) couldnt be recognized.


I searched for a solution and so i de- and reinstalled CUE, tried different USB Ports on my Tower (USB 2.0 / 3.0 / 3.1) and installed all current WIndows Updates.


I thought the Keyboard might be just defect and i should send it back, but nearly every time i plug it in, it gets recognized for about 2-5 minutes. So it seems to work. Additionally i cant seem to enter BIOS with the Keyboard. The K95doesnt seem to have the BIOS-Switch i was told about.


My Motherboard is an ASUS Z170 Pro Gaming and an Intel Core i5-6600K CPU processor if that helps (and of course Windows 10 Pro, 64 GB)


Im sorry for the wall of text but i really need help. If nothing works, it might just be a hardware issue and i might need to refund it.


Thank you.


Edit: Updated my BIOS, deselected the option for my computer to shut the device down becaus it takes too much energy, Updated to current Firmware softwar. Nothing works. Im really out of ideas here

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