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iCue discrepancies and suggestions.


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1. No manual control of fan speed through Commander Pro in iCue. I currently have (4) LL120 and (2) LL140 fans connected to the Commander Pro (CmdPro). Additionally I have (3) ML120 connected to the H150iPro interface, then linked to the CmdPro. In the iCue software there is no performance tab available under the CmdPro, only lighting setup and lighting channel. It does, however, display the fan RPM within the dashboard.


2. The details and timings of only one Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro is shown within the devices and on the dashboard. However, the temperature of both sticks is shown in the dashboard.


3. The DRAM Frequency displayed is incorrect. The details of the one stick (as mentioned in #2) shows the current frequency at 1600MHz. This does not reflect the frequency seen in task manager and Asus AI Suite 3 (3200MHz). It is interesting to note, however, that I had recently set the frequency in the Asus UEFI to 3600MHz but was then changed back to 3200MHz. I will look further into that on my own time.


4. No integration for the Elgato Stream Deck. I'm unaware if there is any integration available at this point in time. I have been unsuccessful while attempting to achieve the same effect as seen in the Corsair-Elgato collaboration video (LED boarder for the Icons).



1. Asus Aura Sync-Corsair iCue integration. Allow for control of both lighting effects through iCue. Asus and Corsair are two of the top brands that most individuals revere. My personal build consists of nothing but Corsair and Asus components (with one exception), and requiring (2) programs to control lighting is unfortunate.


2. Create visual input icon/indicators for the Commander Pro. Within the devices tab, allow for addressable icons or names for each input location. If further elaboration is needed on this, I'll be happy to do so.


3. Include GPU usage details in the dashboard.


4. Allow for complete custom overlay of iCue. This is just a suggestion to allow for more customization of the final product which could entice more individuals to join in the iCue fun. Additionally, it could be beneficial while monitoring details while gaming.

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  • Corsair Employees

1.) Fixed in iCUE v3.5. The tab was there but sometimes it required a restart in v3.4.


2.) Timings and details for modules should be the same all across. We have never supported mixing of memory.


3.) 1600mhz is correct. DDR = Dual Double Rate so take that value and multiply by 2 and you get 3200mhz.


4.) There is no integration at this time. We just acquired Elgato but they are a separate business unit for now.


---- Suggestions


1.) It is something we're looking into but there are many complex reasons why it will take a while to develop.


2.) Sure, please show me what you mean as I don't understand exactly what you're implying.


3.) Possible but this is related to whether CPUID can do it, not iCUE.


4.) We allow users to change the wallpaper but I don't know if I would allow users to reposition windows. While it sounds great in context, it doesn't work well in application.

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