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Problem with keyboard displaying "malfunction", seeking help


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Hey all,


So recently i bought a refurbished K70 RGB off amazon and whenever i use it with the ICUE software I notice that initially everything is fine but after a few minutes (time varies) all the lights on the keyboard freeze temporarily and then in ICUE it begins to say there's a malfunction. Closing and restarting ICUE will temporarily fix the problem for a few minutes and then it happens again. It seems to cause other issues like keypresses being repeated and the RGB lighting freezing up constantly.


This doesn't appear to happen when i don't have ICUE running but then i wouldnt be able to have the cool RGB colours or the other features that ICUE provides :(


I've tried rebooting my PC, force downloading the firmware (multiple times) and updating/reinstalling ICUE. Nothing seems to work...


Any and all help is appreciated!

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Which version of iCUE do you have currently installed right now? Can you provide system specs? Also, try exporting your logs for iCUE under settings, and attached them as well.


I run ICUE version 3.5.111, i cant figure out how to link my CUE logs but they seem to be fresh from yesterday when i fully cleared and reinstalled iCUE so theres almost nothing there.



From what I remember my specs are:


16gb ram

GTX 960

Intel i5-3570K 3.40GHz

Running windows 7






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