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K70 RGB LUX MK2 How to change multiple key colors while button is pressed


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Hello. I'm attempting to create a profile for use while playing MMOs. I always rebind my action bars to use the buttons surrounding WASD for combat abilities. I use the buttons E, C, R, F, V, Q, Z, X for actions. I also use those buttons with shift and ctrl modifiers.


What I'm trying to accomplish is when I press shift, I want shift and those buttons listed above to change color while shift is held, and then the same thing for ctrl. The original function of the key still needs to work, so the game can read the modifier.


I think I've almost got it figured out, but it doesn't seem to be working apart from the Test button in the macro editor. The macro I have set up for this so far has the following settings -


Record Settings -

Inserted New Events for Press key LeftShift and Release key LeftShift.

The keyboard events box is ticket.


Advanced Settings-

Action Trigger - While Pressed

Action Repeat - Repeat Constantly (I think I need this to keep the color swapped while the modifier is held down.)

Repeat Delay - Constant 0 ms

Retain Original Key Output box is ticked.


Start Settings-

Start Sound is blank

Start Lighting has my Left Shift MMO Lighting action selected.


When I use the Test button in the macro editor, it works perfectly. The problem is, when I X out of the iCue software, nothing happens. I do not have the profile tied to an application's executable yet, it's just the assigned software profile that's currently running. The iCue software is still running in the system tray. I am using the latest version of iCue, 3.4.95.


I feel like I'm really close to having this working. Can anybody tell me what I'm doing wrong? Is there a better way to handle a simple color swap within the lighting effects instead of a macro?

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I was able to get this working, thanks to some very helpful instructions posted here. For anyone that comes across this thread with the same problem, here are the instructions I followed.


Changing on Modifiers


This is a bit more complicated and actually requires multiple profiles.

Create 2 profiles, one for your 'standard' and at least one other for your modifiers.


On the 'standard' profile create a 'Profile Switching' action with direct profile selection enabled. Choose your 'modifiers' profile and enable 'While Pressed' go to the advanced settings and enable 'Retain original key output'.


The only step left out there is to actually assign the hotkey to something, you have to click the key in the keyboard diagram on the top half of the screen, and then click the 'Assign' button towards the bottom of the 'Profile Switching Settings' window.


There is a significant amount of lag with the profile switching while the iCue software is pulled up, but once I close iCue out to the system tray, there is no lag at all with swapping the profiles around. Hope this helps someone.

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