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Ball bearings leaking from wheels


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Ok this is the 2nd complaint on the purchase of my CORSAIR T1 RACE Chair


Its NOT been 6 months yet there are now greasy ball bearings coming out from the wheels of my chair!


I ve been trying to figure out for the past 3 months why my carpet is being stained with grease, black grease and where the balls bearing come from.


I have to get on my hands and knees to clean this terrible mess.


last night there was around 10 balls and my entire floor covered in terrible black grease marks, covered in grease!


I has a close look and noticed that the ball bearings were coming out from the wheels of the Corsair chair!!


It terrible That corsair has got this so wrong, a premium chair worth £350 that now has buckled wheels! not even a year old


This chair WILL NOT last!!:mad:


Honestly I am fuming, I hardly sit on the thing and now the wheels are giving away!


what will you do to fix this Corsair? send me a new chair?


I already obtained a gas lift to which i didn't fit on the chair because I dont know how to, it was just sent to me,now the wheels are broken, this needs to be fixed immediately!!


Im always ignored on my tickets and your ticket system is a pain to get around. Ive had to create yet another ticket.:mad:


Can we sort this out please!!!


Corsair has received your request. Your ticket # is 753957. A Corsair Representative will respond within 21 business days.:mad::mad::mad:

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Exactly the same thing has happened to mine. Had numerous problems with this T1 chair from a dodgy side panel that won't fit, awful creaking, wobbly arms.


I woke up this morning to see several ball-bearings scattered across my fairly new beige carpet and loads of grease stains that I am really struggling to get out.


I have had better built gaming chairs in the past that cost a fraction of the price of this T1 chair and I am very disappointed that I purchased this.


I always buy Corsair products and they are usually well built and reliable but I have to agree Corsair have got this one very wrong.

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