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Programming Harpoon mouse


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Good evening all


I'm new to gaming mice and have been trying to programme my Harpoon mouse to a game to complete a simple task.


I know how to assign a action to a button/click, I also know how I record the mouse movement but this is where I'm struggling.


I end up with the initial mouse click being off from what I recorded and therefore not performing the task I want. I believe its the initial mouse movement from clicking the record to then having to click on the game and move the mouse to the point of the first action that's messing me up, I added delays to the beginning so as not to start record until I was in position but that never worked either.


If anyone has any insight on how to record this task which is basically 3 moves, right mouse click on the target (move mouse to) right mouse click on enter (move mouse to) right mouse click to engage. I want to record that sequence using 1 macro button click.



I would appreciate any old links covering this topic or any help from current users.


Cheers KH

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