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Is my PSU faulty?


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My computer will completely screen freeze or monitor screen will stop receiving any video signal from the PC without any error or BSOD. It's always been when I'm playing games. Typically if I'm playing all day it will do this at least once.


I have so far

1) Ran memory (RAM) diagnostics (memtest86)

2) ran hard disk diagnostics (HD Tune Pro)

3) checked temperatures are fine for CPU and GPU (CPUID HWMonitor)

4) updated all drivers

5) updated motherboard bios

6) redid cpu thermal paste


When the computer does this I've noticed some things:

  • Power light is still on
  • Fans are still spinning on case cpu cooler and PSU
  • mouse has no power
  • keyboard inputs don't work (caps lock doesn't light up)


Voltages seem fine (I think), but I can't check the voltage when it crashes...



PSU is VS450W




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