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NEW TIMER TRICKS! Two actions for one key


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With the latest update of timer functionality there is now an option(which many was waiting for) to have action, like software run and profile switch in same time, just use TIMER START SETTING and TIMER STOP SETTING with timer set to 0 - first for launch application, second for profile change. This will run app and switch profile :)


Why is this important? For many reasons- you can now for example change windows power profile with a batch file and mark this on a keyboard with profile change which will change a color of a button. You can change default sound device and toggle color for that time for the speaker mute button. Possibilities are endless ;)


And there is also one trick which many will like. With tricky timer use, you can now switch profile with a key combo! like using FN+S! Its little tricky but at the end quite simple. You just have to rework your "While press" profile shortcut. Instead using profile switch with "While pressed" ticked, just do it without it and in the target profile under same key add timer with action on key released which will go back to previous profile - this will recreate the "while pressed" functionality - but will block action of returning to the previous profile if during the press you will switch to the another one. Normally it was always going back with unrelease of the key to the first profile, even if you tried to switch it during the press action- this trick will break this action chain.


It all can sounds complicated at first, but if you are advanced keyboard profile creator you have for sure faced both issues sooner or later. Now you have a solution!


Sorry that I didn't put more clear explanation with pictures or I didnt uploaded example but I don't have a time, I was just that happy I needed to share my findings with someone :) I was looking for solution like this for weeks, nowhere to be found.


Have fun you person from the future looking for a "two actions for one key" or "how to change profile from with launch parameters" or "how to toggle color of a button and start an other action" solution!

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Thank you!! for pointing this out and thanks Corsair team for adding this. I have not tested in depth, but this MIGHT be a fix for the ctrl, alt, shift, ctrl alt, ctrl shift, shift alt, ctrl alt shift stacks of profiles that get stuck when focus is lost or you alt tab when you are in the middle of something. I would assume this could be orchestrated to profile switch back to default after a fashion with a profile selection retain output on start and a profile selection on stop with a 1 sec delay or whatever.


I'm sure there's a thousand and one other uses, but seems like the next best thing to being able to programatically chose the current profile from outside the application.

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I made a timer to have a 2 second selection window for ctrl and shift locked at the same time...


Macro 1 press ctrl and shift

Macro 2 release shift and ctrl


Timer Test 2 seconds on press no repeat

start action macro1 stop action macro 2


bind that where convenient and you can select whole words a couple at a time with out having to have fingers holding down ctrl and shift. I love it!


Such a silly thing but it is huge

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