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Corsair RGB LED laptop cooler?


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I think it would be awesome if Corsair built a quality laptop cooler to raise the bar in laptop cooling.


After purchasing a few laptop coolers over the years, I haven't come across anything that has a good balance of design, performance and fan control. I've come across several decent ones with mediocre fans, others with good CFM ratings but poor build quality, etc.


Why can't there be a no-compromises laptop cooler that meets the needs of gamers with high-end gaming laptops? It would cost more, sure, but some of these high-end gaming laptops cost $2-4k and I believe paying over $100 for an outstanding quality laptop cooler would be a great investment. I would even shell out $200 if it proved to be superior to anything else on the market in terms of performance and design.




  • an adjustable height aluminum frame in an anodized or brushed finish
  • removable fans and adjustable fan locations
  • RGB border lighting similar to the MM800 Polaris mouse pad
  • an I/O panel with USB 3.1, Type-C and fan speed and lighting control
  • Corsair iCUE compatibility


I think it would be amazing to see something like this where users can select from ML fans for low noise or high-airflow fans if maximum cooling is a priority.


For the sake of not listing other manufacturers here, I know there are some laptop coolers with RGB lighting and adjustable fan mounts and I have tried both. The worst part about all the coolers I've tried are the stock fans that come with them.


So what'll it be, Corsair? When will the R&D begin? :laughing:

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