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Is it me or my keyboard?


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I am either a really bad typist or it is my keyboard. I used to do a decent typing and spelling. Ever since I switched to a mechanical keyboard I have been...not so good. Spelling or typing mistakes. Some of it is due to stress or being in a hurry or rush.


In a few games, like World of Warcraft, my character will sometimes jump while I am moving with the WASD keys. It is weird. It could just be a muscle twitch or the sensitivity of the keys being pressed and held down while moving.


My existing keyboard is a Corsair STRAFE RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard — Cherry MX Silent. Previous to that, I had been using some membrane style keyboards from Razer, like the DeathStalker.


I don't recall having these problems with the previous keyboards or when I am using someone else's computer.


I'm thinking it might be the keyboard, or even the switch type. I'd like to stay with Corsair & the Cherry MX Silent.


Short of buying and trying out each switch or key type, I am not sure how to test other keyboards for this. I could use your help, suggestions, and advice.

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