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HD120 LED issue


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Hi all,


First of all, sorry for my language since English is not my mother tongue.

This is why Greybeard his post is kind of unclear for me.



I just finished building my first ever gaming PC in a Phanteks Enthoo Pro M TG case and a MSI B350 Tomahawk motherboard.


The case comes with 2 pre-installed fans (1 front, 1 back). I've switched the fan from the back to the front and bought a 3-pack Corsair HD120 RGB.


The Corsair HD120 fans use a 4-pin connector, where the standard Phanteks fans use a 3-pin connector.


This made it confusing for me on how to connect these cables to my motherboard, since my motherboard has 4 SYS_FAN headers (and I'll be using 5 fans in total + 1 CPU_FAN).



I though I solved this by getting 2 splitter cables.


So I plugged in both 3 pin cables from the standard Phanteks fan into one SYS_FAN header and combined the two Corsair HD120 at the top with a splitter to another SYS_FAN header. The last Corsair HD120 fan is directly connected to another SYS_FAN header.



Turning on my new PC for the first time (man, what a feeling :D: ) made me quite hopeful cause all the fans are spinning, except, there is no RGB lightning to be seen...



Maybe something worth mentioning, I ditched the controller since it made me more confusing on how to connect it correctly. Is the controller required?


Can anyone help me with this issue? iCUE shows my keyboard but no fans.

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Each HD fan has two wires. The larger connector regulates fan power and speed and goes to the motherboard or other fan controller. You have that right or they would not spin. There is a second wire on each fan with a smaller, flat head connector. This is the lighting power wire. What did you do with it? It has to connect to the small 6 port RGB lighting hub. That lighting hub requires a SATA power connection and then either the physical remote control or a Lighting Node Pro or Commander Pro to interface with the software. Do you have the RGB hub? Edited by c-attack
Added link to RGB hub
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