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LED Strip issue, static green, not all LED’s functioning...HELP!


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Hello everyone!


Decided to make an account and ask for help as I haven’t found anyone with the issue I am currently facing..


I have four LL120 fans all working perfectly fine which are plugged into the fan controller which I got with the triple pack. The issue I am having is that with the seperate light extension I purchased, I cannot for the life of me get them to light up. Two of my strips aren’t displaying anything, whereas the other two are only displaying green colouring on one/two of the LED’s..


I am also able to change the colour of the fans in Corsair Link.


Is this a fault, or is there a fix for this? I purchased these lights from amazon and they haven’t been used before as far as I am aware..


Below are some images of my cable set-up.. (excuse the mess I have ripped everything apart to try and fix this issue..)




I would apprecite all suggestions to what I can do to possibly fix this..


Thanks in advance!

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