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Old cute rainbow effect to iCue, how?


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That looks like the Link "Rainbow Wave (channel effect)". A lot of the predefined effects seem to have undergone changes and it is not clear whether they are intentional of bugged. Visor and Wave based effects have some current issues.


You can create this yourself without too much difficulty. Each fan is smooth transitioning through the spectrum. A 7 color (or whatever number of colors you like) gradient can be applied and it will do the same. 1 rainbow gradient applied to all the fans will sync the colors. If you want to replicate the "independent fan color look", you will need to create a gradient for each fan and start the rainbow on a different color. For example, Fan 1 goes ROYGBVR. Fan 2 starts on Orange (OYGBVRO). Fan 3 Yellow (YGBVROY). Keep going for each fan. 5 fans, pick a 5 color gradient. 6? 6 color gradient. You can make smoother color transitions by ending each color gradient with the same color you started on. That is why above each one starts and ends with the same letter. Pick a time frame for the gradients.


I am looking at this now in Link. You're right, it is a nice effect.

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