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Buzzing 850HX black 2018 version


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I just bought a Corsair 850HX after my 850AX wont start when pressing power button. /it still working but no refund from Corsair since its over 7 years old

, it just wont start.

Now when the pc is running there is a buzzing sound from the HX850 at any load. Its not like you will notice when the pc case is closed but still when the pc in "on power" there is a buzzing sound. When the pc is shut down its dead silent. This is at low load and the fan is not running.


Now the old AX850 is dead silent even thougt the pc is started and low loads and no fan running on power supply.



Is the new 850HX faulty when buzzing when the pc in on power and not dead silent. If not, why is the 850AX 7 years old dead silent under same circumsances…



Should i RMA this new power supply or is this just normal and acceptable.

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