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Commander Pro using to control an RGB device

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Hello, first forum posting, so if I am in wrong group/forum/section, apologies.


My motherboard (Msi Mortar B350) does not have a 5v ADD connector.


Have been told that the Commander Pro is a likely route to get the functionality i require.... (Team RGB SSD)


But cant see in the Commander Pro user manual anything that says 5v ADD connections.


Please can anybody help/guide me.

The Commander seems a very useful bit of kit to use for fans etc where limited connectors on motherboard, plus in a small compact unit as well. My build is based around a Thermaltake V21.

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I wouldn't count on the Commander Pro being able to control the RGB on this particular device. While it does use 5V RGBs, the connectors may not be the same and the protocol for controlling the device may not be the same.


I would, however, be interested to see if it works.

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