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RGB 101 Video Guide for Computers


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I don't really see many general guides, though I hear about people damaging their LEDs for plugging 5v LEDs into 12v headers. I wanted to make a video that gives a very basic/generalized introduction to RGB LEDs w/ the main focus of their use as lighting in the PC. I include details for Analog vs Digital/Addressable, how they work, changing colors, and different methods of control. This is my first vlog, so I hope you guys enjoy.


I wanted to post on the Corsair forums as I do enjoy iCUE and I think Corsair made the right choice of a connector. I do touch a bit on both of these, though this is mainly a general overview.


I might do another video on the break down of the different components, how they work together, and etc. This will include a bit of details of Corsair's ecosystem, though as I run a custom loop, removing fans is not always fun or easy. Strips are a little different. :)



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