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What is that 6 pin cable and Mode\Color\Speed


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Hello everyone,

I saw that great post about every product and I just missed what is that cable and where do i connect it ?

Im talking about the 6 pin cable with the Speed\color\mode connectors


In another question,

I got 120HD fan and 120LL fan that I want to install in my case

correct me if im wrong, I need to connect it with

2x FANS ----RGB CONTROL-----> FAN LED HUB (SATA) ------LED CONTROL----> NoPro (USB and SATA)

(need 2 sata cables open)


and also in this situation I can't use the button controller but can I control speed\colors with software ?


need your idea and knowledge here, THANKS !!

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I believe you are asking about the physical controller for HD/ SP fans. That cable connects to specific cases to control the fan speed, color, and mode through the case itself.


As for HD and LL fans, you will need a separate RGB for both fans, reason being is each type of fans require a different amount of power and cannot be powered by the same RGB hub. One thing to note is LL fans cannot be used on a physical remote.


for a better understanding review this thread.


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