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Rigging a H150i to Maximus X MoBo and 570X Mirror Black


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Hi All,


In the past couple of months I have rigged together a new PC with the following specs:


Intel i7 8700K

ASUS ROG Maximus X WiFi AC

EVGA SuperNova G3 650W PSU

G.Skill TridentZ RGB 2x8gb 3200mhz

ASUS ROG Strix 1060 O6G

Samsung 960 EVO

Corsair 570X Mirror Black Case


When I purchased the new 570X case in April, NewEgg was running a promotion that came with the H60 cooler for free when purchasing the case.


I have been using the old-gen H60 the past couple months but I am just not too happy with its performance.


I have ordered the H150i PRO RGB off of Amazon today and I would like to inquire about how to rig this new AIO to my case and motherboard.


I want to replace the fans that come with the H150i with the RGB fans that are on the case so would I do this easily? And how would I rig the RGB fans so the colors still work and they are powered by my MoBo and working to blow against the radiator? And how would I rig the fans that come with the AIO as case fans for the rear and 2 top fans of the case>?


Also, a bonus question is how would I one day down the line rig the 3 RGB fans that come with the case that will be acting as the AIO fans, and replacing the AIO fans I've installed as the case fans in the top and rear with the 3 pack of LL fans?


I would truly be very grateful for any input and responses to make this process a little bit easier for me..


I love corsair!


Thanks ahead of time all,



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Hi buddy.. yes you can do as you plan...


Go read the below thread.. lots of info on this including diagrams..




You need to take into account the case lighting which is currently controlled by the Case RGB buttons. you would lose the use of those buttons but regain control in iCue.




the Case lighting when controlled in iCue is classed as a Single SP RGB fan.. the means it would need an RGB Fan LED hub of it's own and you would need a second RGB Fan LED hub for the LL RGB fans.. you would also need a Commander Pro or Lighting Node Pro..


Lighting Node Pro ONLY controls RGB


Commander Pro controls Both RGB and RPM


I Recommend the Commander Pro as this will bring all control into one place.


should you also want Corsair Lighting Strips you would need would need another LED channel as you will have used 2 already for the 2 RGB Fan LED hub's for fans and case lighting. so if you already got the Commander Pro you would also need a Lighting Node Pro


it's a lot to take in so go read that thread buddy... you have an adventure ahead!

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You don't need the Commander Pro, but you might want one down the line. For now, the fastest path to get up and running is as follows:


1) Obviously front mount the H150i. That is the only way it fits.

2) You can still use the SP120-RGB fans that came with your case with no wiring changes. Do not move their power/fan speed line to the cooler's fan splitter. Tuck that away for the time being, unless...

3) You want to use the included ML120 Quiet (grey) fans on the interior of the radiator. If you want to do push pull, mount those on the back and connect them to the pump's fan connectors.


The cooler will work just fine with excellent coolant deltas with just one set 120mm fans. The SP120 RGB can do this job by themselves. However, since the front panel is likely your only source of intake air, you can push a little more air through without increasing fan speed by doubling up and using the cooler's included fans on the backside as described about. The SP120 RGB are DC motors and cannot be controlled by the cooler. You must connect them to the motherboard (and of course the lighting hub). In this arrangement, the BIOS will set the SP120 RGB speeds. The software (Link or iCUE) will control the grey fan set on the pump controller. This normally runs via coolant temperature. You could use CPU temp as well, but it just makes the fans race up and down and 6 fans doing this is worse than 3. Slow and steady will get the job done.



The other stuff with LL fans is more complicated. As Zotty eluded to, there are some tricks, you would need either a Lighting Node Pro or Commander Pro to interface with the iCUE lighting software, and you need a different RGB hub for each type of RGB fan. 2 x HD120, 2 x LL120, 2 x SP120-RGB means three hubs. 3xLL120 and 3xSP120-RGB means 2 RGB hubs. You would also have vastly different looking lighting between the SP120-RGB and the LL series. When you get to this point, you might want to do all 6 fans as LL for both simplicity of wiring and a more even aesthetic. The ML-RGB series is closer match to SP-RGB, if you go that route.

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So I cannot plug the three SP120 fans that I will keep in the front to the ports coming from the cooler? I wanted to mount the fans that came with the H150i as rear intake and top exhaust but clearly there are not enough headers on my MoBo to do this. I thought I could plug the 3 SPs into the cooler's slots and then use the MLs on the Chassis Fan headers on my motherboard (3 of those). Could you please clarify?
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No, if you plug the 3 pin DC motor SP120-RGB into the PWM controller on the cooler, they will run at 100% all the time. PWM control is a constant 12v and DC motors adjust their speed by raising/lowering voltage. I assumed you already had top/rear fans.


Obviously you can run the included ML quiet on the front and SP-RGB on top/back. If you want to keep the lighting on the front, the 3xML120 can run from a 3 way PWM splitter to one motherboard header. I need to check the non-lighting current load for the SP. They may be able to be grouped well.


Take the plunge and get 6 LL fans. Three PWM LL120 can run from the cooler.


Go halfway and get 3xML120 RGB for the radiator and move SP-RGB to exhaust. Need two hubs. Get ML-RGB triple pack.

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No, it will not hurt the fans. Just no control over them. Max speed all the time.


A $4 3-way PWM splitter would allow to reduce the number of headers needed. I would not put 3xSP120-RGB on a single motherboard header(0.30 x 3 = 0.90A out of 1.0A max)., but the ML Quiet use less current. You could use a two way splitter for the SP to get back another motherboard header, if needed.

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Granted it's not ideal that I won't have full control over them but it will only be for about a month or two months before I can buy the 6 pack of LLs. So I think I am going to keep my SP's where they are in the front and hook them up to the cooler and just run them on Max. the MLs I will put in the rear and top of the case and hook them up to the chassis headers.


Will I see a reduction in performance using the SPs to blow against the radiator with the cool ambient air instead of using the MLs that come with the AIO?

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