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iCUE for keyboard STRAFE RGB


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Hi guys, can you help me?


I've updated my corsair app, that introduced me a new interface: iCUE.

I've been navigating through the menus and I realized that are some default profiles for many games (you can reach this on the following path: Configuration -> OSD -> app list OSD.. there is Starcraft 2, WoW, Overwatch, etc.. )


I would like to know does it works?

Is it a default color profile that changes according the game you play? Like razer synapse?


I'm telling you that, because I've tryied to open many of the listed games and nothing changed on my keyboard.


I assured the option SDK is enabled on iCUE config.


I've googled something about this, and found for Farcry 5, I need to check (third party corsair on the menus), but I really want to know how can I enable that for Heroes of the storm and Overwatch.

I havent found nothing about third parties on those menus.


Thank you...

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