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Commander Pro attempt with SP120 RGB - advice needed!


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First Time poster - no need to be gentle!


OK, so I’ve read many threads with issues on installing the Commander pro, and here is mine.


Took delivery of a new system, last week. Quick specs:


Corsair 570X with RGB

Asus Strix-E MB

Corsair Vengeance 3200mhz RGB 16GB (2 x 8)

EVGA 850W gold modular PSU

NZXT Kraken X62


Right out of the box, it worked beautifully. Then I decided to add a Commander Pro and LED strips.

Plumbed in the CP according to the installation guide and hooked up the LED strips. Loaded iCUE. All good - iCUE sees the RAM and the CP. CP registers the LED strips and all is working.


This is where it all goes wrong. Plumbed in the 3 x case fans, Corsair SP120 RGB. Connected according to the circuit diagrams I found on Zotty’s post. Disconnected the button controller, plugged the 3-pin connector into LED channel 2 and plugged the other end into the hub, which case with the 570x. Then plugged the 3-pin connectors, in identical sequence, to the Commander Pro fan ports – 1,2 and 3.


I have no fan control. The Commander Pro only recognised 1 fan, but didn’t give me any control over it. Furthermore, the CP didn’t see any of the fans in the lighting profile and the LEDs on 2 of 3 fans didn’t light at all. The LED on fan 3 went into standard mode. I tried moving the fans across all ports on the CP. I tried moving the RGB connectors across all 6 ports of the LED hub. No Change. No movements on any of the fans, no LED.


I then decided to return the fans to their original configuration, using the button controller and fans plugged back into the MB for power. While the fans now power up to standard speed, the LEDs are now not functional on all three fans, despite being returned to the exact configuration they were when the case was delivered.


The LED strips continue to work flawlessly.




1) Best guess, what have I done wrong?

2) As they have 3-pin, not 4-pin connectors, can the SP120 RGB fans be controlled using the CP?

3) Can the LEDs be killed easily in these fans? Is there any history of this?

4) Are there any resets or tests I can do to see if the LEDs are simply shut off


Please bear in mind I followed the diagram ‘Corsair LL Fan & Strips wiring diagram’ on Zotty’s post, but am aware these are SP, not LL fans.





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If you are on iCUE 3.4.xx, you can go into the settings for the C-Pro and manually toggle the 3 SP120-RGB to 3 pin DC mode. However, I am not sure that is the issue. It certainly would not affect the lighting power. Also make sure you have configured the software on each channel to reflect the hardware connected — SP fans and strips.


Can you force quit CAM and any associated processes, then close iCUE and kill the Corsair Service in the task manager? Then restart iCUE and not CAM. Any change?

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First, many thanks for responding. I've been though your suggestions and tried them all. interestingly, I managed to get CP to see all three fans, but only one was working. There are no LED effects when using the CP, even on the one fan which is turning.


My concern is that when the fans are put back to original configuration, they no longer work with the in-built control that came with the 570X - no fan control, no LED (although one of the fans will sporadically have LED, but with no control). Surely, if the fans are connected to power, they should also be showing standard LED effects?


Have I got a duff CP?

Have I got broken fans/LEDs?

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Just to double check because these are the most common snags:


1) The lighting wire (small, flat 4 pin looking thing) from the SP-RGB are all going to the small 6 port RGB hub that came with the case. They are in ports 1, 2, and 3. They have to be sequential starting at 1.


2) In iCUE, go to settings and make sure you have added the fans and they are assigned as "3 SP-RGB fans". If they are designated as LL, HD, or another type of fan, they may not light up properly.

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1) Yep - the lighting wires are plugged into the RGB hub, 1-3 sequentially. The 3-pin power wires are plugged directly into the CP, matching the sequential order on the RGB hub


2) The fans have been added as 'SP RGB Series Fans' with 3 fans connected. In 'device settings', fan ports 1-3 are designated '3 pin'. Fan ports 4-6 are disconnected (although there is no change if they are on auto or 3-pin)



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