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Fan screw thread pitch on a 330r front fan?


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Anyone know the thread pitch for the screws that hold the front fans in place on a 330R? I need to get longer screws for some replacement fans and was hoping not to "wing it" at Home Depot.


I don't think the thread pitch isn't all that important as the screws for fans are course self tapping. This is different than screwing in a radiator as the rad is tapped and metal. The fans are made out of plastic.


Thinking about this further, are you trying to mount a radiator behind the fans? If so then length will matter as much as pitch. If you get something to long, it could damage fins or worst put a whole in a water channel. In any case at Home Depot they do have Metric and Standard thread testers, that you can use to give you this answer. If you are looking for a longer course screw to mount just the fan, I don't see the use case for this. The case should be thin enough and the supplied screws should be long enough to fix it to the case.


More details might be helpful.

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