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Hydrocool system power fluxes


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SO I've had a hydrocool system on my comp which has been running fine for almost a year now. Recently though my system begins to stall and the hydrocool goes through its start-up sequence. Sometimes its over after the first time, but other time it keeps cycling until it fine kicks on.


Error occurs random. At first I thought maybe the power supply maybe going on my comp, but the power flux seems to occurs now when system is sitting idle or when under light load just as much as when comp is under heavy load.


Outside of the power fluxes at random times the hydrocool runs normal up until its next flux.


Any ideas on what the issue could be? Liike I said the system has been running fine up until this last week or so.


System specs:

80 Gig HD


ATI Radeon 9800XT w/ 256 vid ram

Soundblaster live 5.1

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looks to me PSU ain't up to the chore anymore, with the 9800XT eats gobbs of power. for testing propose add an old AT or ATX to just to power HCX, if surges go away. move around connectors to even the loads out, if good leave it, if not update PSU an get one with a min. amp rating of 18A on the 12v rail
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