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is the strafe RGB software broken or what?


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This is my first time posting on these forums as I have absolutely no idea where else to turn. I've had the Corsair Strafe RGB keyboard I'm gonna say for over a year now. Physically, they keyboard is phenomenal; the world's first and only, to my knowledge, silent mechanical keyboard. It's truly a great piece of tech.


That being said, I can't say the same for Corsair's software, and that is what I am here for today. I have the "Corsair Utility Engine" software. I can say in all honesty that this software SUCKS. First of all, this software never loads correctly when Windows starts, and my keyboard always goes black on bootup. Second, all of my profiles I downloaded in the past have randomly disappeared on multiple occasions.


Third and the biggest issue; for several months, I have been completely unable to download lighting profiles through the software. You used to be able to demo and download profiles through the software. Now, for the past two months, I only have one lighting profile I found on some shady website. A seen a post the mods stickied on one of these boards to a site that had profiles, and the website wants me to signup and "make a donation" for profiles. Are you freaking kidding me? :mad:


Why does this software not allow me to download and demo profiles anymore? I got to click and import them, nothing happens. It just completely baffles my mind how Corsair can make such great hardware but make such awful software to go along with it.

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