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Commander Pro wont see actual fans, just 2 that appear/dissapear


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I just installed the Commander Pro.


I am having an issue where fans RPM/Control don't show in Link or iCUE. In Link, the section for the Commander Pro will show a Fan #1 and Fan #2 with incorrect rpm and then they disappear. Fan #1 will say "Detecting", disappear, then re-appear. It doesn't matter if zero fans are connected, 6 fans, 1 fan, 2 fan, etc. It always displays the same thing, just no fans at all, then 1-2 show up with wrong rpm, then disappear again.


When I look in HWInfo64, the fans show correct with correct rpm under monitor "Corsair CLCP"



I was really looking forward to Commander Pro for fan control. I used Link with H100i v2 for a couple of years and it was great for setting pump and raditator fan speeds based on CPU package temps. Very reliable. But my pump in the h100i died and I replaced with a Noctua NH-D15S air cooler and some case fans. I was hoping to control all these fans with Commander Pro and Link, but it just doesn't seem to work.



I also have 3xHD120 RGB fans and the lighting node portion of Commander Pro is working flawlessly. Also have RM850i power supply connected through commander pro USB and it also works perfectly in Link.


Any idea how to get the fans working properly?


Corsair Link version:


Corsair Commander PRO Firmware Version: 0.8.210

Corsair Commander PRO Bootloader Version: 0.5

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